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If you are looking for a professional for Groundworks in Billericay, then Boswell Builders is just the right platform for you.

Groundworks is a challenging job

After getting done with your planning, documentation, and permissions, the next phase is to start construction. However, as much as you are looking forward to jumping right into construction, one of the most challenging tasks at hand is to get your groundworks done. This can include any kind of tree removal, drainage, paths and patios, and even extensions.

Let the professionals take care of the groundworks for the best results

Boswell Builders, having expertise in groundworks and operating in Billericay for years, ensures the best results of the groundworks. We make sure that the ground is totally prepared to become a construction site by using the right techniques and allocating a proper time for groundworks.

Ground heave

Our trained workers will identify if there is a ground heave and plan the construction project accordingly.

Ground heave is caused due to swelling of clay soil expansion due to rain or leakage. Due to this, the exposed part of the ground rises above the regular level of the ground. We understand the importance of understanding completely what a ground heave is and how it is supposed to be dealt with. In case ground heave is not diagnosed and the building is constructed without taking it into account, it can leave the ground for construction unstable, causing structural damage to walls and foundations of the building.

Drain check

Another most important task at hand in groundworks is checking the drainage to help you establish a long-lasting drain system. The fixing of pipes can cause you a fortune if you haven’t done it properly the first time. Our skilled set of workers on site will check the existing drain system fall, and devise a strategy to connect your building drain with the existing one in the most precise way. It is a much easier task for buildings that are being constructed from scratch. However, if you are trying to fix an already broken drain system, then it might be very troublesome for you. Our professional groundworkers hold expertise in this domain. Drain tests are performed to ensure that the system is free from any leakages before the handover of the site.

These are just a few basic points carefully considered in the groundworks services offered by Boswell Builders in Billericay. To avoid any issues in the construction phase of the project or in the building itself in the longer run, choose your groundworks contractor smartly!

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