Boswell Builders – Your best bet for brickwork in Chelmsford

Boswell builders have been providing construction, brickwork, and extension services to its customers for the past 30 years in Chelmsford. We have a delighted customer base that appreciates our hard work and invites us for any further construction or extension work they have. We work on projects from start to finish. There are several areas where we have the expertise, such as house construction, extensions, driveway construction, new vehicle crossings, and even gas tank excavation. 


Projects maintained by Boswell Builders

Boswell Builders Chelmsford is registered with NHBC (National House-Building Council) to provide any kind of approved construction to its customers.

  • We specialise in:
  • House Building
  • Single New Builds
  • Property Extensions

Construction Works

There are several projects that we have run through our exceptionally trained workers. We have a team that is equipped and experienced in all dimensions of house building and extensions. Whether it’s brickwork, groundwork, new construction, an extension of the existing building, addition of a specific new technology, we bring you the best team that you can imagine to deliver the project in time.


Affordable and Reliable

The services provided by Boswell Builders are completely reliable. We promise what we can deliver; we give you the exact estimate of time and finances involved in a project. We take pride in the brickwork we execute.  We always keep our work under the given budget and deliver in time irrespective of the work’s horizon.  


New Construction with Latest Technology

The houses built under the supervision of Boswell Builders Chelmsford are constructed with experienced professionals who have been working with us for the past three decades. There is a legacy of numerous projects that we execute annually. The construction methods used by Boswell Builders are technically updated and modern equipment. The facilities we add in new constructions are state-of-the-art. Anything that you want in your new house can be installed without any problem.

Completely Disguised Extensions

We provide extensions to the existing constructed building like it’s a part of the original construction. Our motive is providing extensions is providing convenience, space, update, and a new lifestyle incorporate into the old one. Our design team is extremely careful about maintaining the original essence of the building. However, sometimes customers desire to have an extension for a family member that demands uniqueness. We have options for both requirements.

Upgrade your house today

You can get your property upgraded by adding a swimming pool, brickwork, new driveway, or backyard extension in Chelmsford. Our team can develop the best suggestion for your property to be upgraded at the most affordable price. Many people prefer to keep their property for decades to themselves rather than selling it and buying a new one. People like to keep their memories alive by living in the same place they grew up. With modern technology, you don’t have to change your home to upgrade your living. All you have to do is call us, and we will do that for you.

If you need any kind of construction, extension, groundwork, brickwork, or related work done at your property, contact Boswell Builders Chelmsford today!

Brickwork in Chelmsford