Extension Builders In Chelmsford

Your home is almost perfect, but there’s just one thing that could make it better. With an extension, you can either make a room bigger or add a whole new room to your home, extending the space you have. It’s a popular home renovation project, and you want to make sure you’re picking the right person for the job. We’re the best extension builders in Chelmsford, able to take on any project. What can we offer you as a service?


Creating The Perfect Space For Your Chelmsford Home

There are so many ways you can use building extensions to improve your home. There’s probably one room in your home that isn’t quite right. Maybe your kitchen is too small, or you don’t have anywhere to store your washing machine and dryer. Perhaps you want to add an extra bedroom for your expanding family? Whatever it is, an extension is just the thing for you.

There are lots of ways you can use extensions to improve your home. Here are just a few ideas for your home that extension builders in Chelmsford can create for you:

Side return extensions: These extensions are designed to expand your home into the alleyway between your house and the house next door. These are often used on Victorian-era houses, to create more space.

Rear extensions: As the name implies, these extensions are usually built on the rear of your home. They typically expand the room at the back of the house, such as a kitchen or living room.

Wrap-around extensions: These are a combination of a side return and rear extension, so the extension wraps around your home. They’re perfect if you want to create an open plan kitchen.

Double-storey extensions: Really want to maximise the space you have? Then a double-storey extension is for you. These give you more space both upstairs and downstairs, so you can add more living space as well as an extra bedroom or home office.

These are just a few examples, and there’s, even more, you can do with the space you have. Extensions allow you to get the absolute most out of your living space.


How We Can Help

Looking for extension builders in Chelmsford? Then we can help. Get in touch and we’ll be able to come and give you a quote on the work that needs to be done. Not quite sure what you need to do? Not a problem. We can advise you on what would work best with your existing property.

As we have such experience in extension building, we can give you accurate quotes and a great idea of how to extend your home. There’s no obligation to buy either, so you can talk to us before deciding to take the plunge.


Why Choose Us?

If you need extension builders in Chelmsford, then why choose Boswell Builders Ltd.? There’s plenty of reasons why you should choose us for your home extension project.

Years of experience: As builders, we have over 30 years of experience in the field. That experience is invaluable when it comes to your extension. We can plan and carry out the best extension for you, based on our experience with similar projects.

Highly qualified builders: You don’t want any old builders working on your home. All our builders are highly qualified and have experience in creating the best extensions. With this experience, you know that they’ll take good care of you and your home.

No extension too large: Whatever you need from an extension, we can help. We’ll come to survey your property when we give you a quote, and no matter how large the job, we can handle it. We’re committed to giving you just what you need from your extension.

There are so many reasons to choose us as your extension builders in Chelmsford. We’ll ensure that you get a good price on the work, and only have the most experienced builders working on it. Soon, you’ll have an extension that changes the whole feel of your home.

Ready to get started? Call us today, and we can help you plan your dream extension. Get access to the best builders, who will help you make those dreams a reality.