Extension Builders in Billercay

So you’re looking to build your very own house extension? Well, look no further, because you’ve come to the right place. Boswell Builders specializes in extension building in Billericay and the nearby area. We’ve got the extension that’s right for you.

Why build an extension? Deciding to build a house extension is possibly one of the best decisions you can make, in regards to improving your home. An extension will offer you ample space to improve your comfort levels, or make room for new additions to the family.

It used to be that when your family grew, you moved to a new home. But now, with Boswell Builders, you no longer have to do that. Our home extensions provide you with all the space you might need, regardless if you’re looking to fit in another family member, or just need more space for yourself.

An extension as a value increment.

Adding an extension to your home is also a great idea, in terms of future plans for your home. Sure, you don’t want to leave your home right now – and why should you? After all, with Boswell Builders, you can have all the space in the world – but someday, you might. And when that day comes, this home extension will equal a steep increase in the market value of your home.

What kinds of extensions do we do?

● Multi-storey (single/two-storey).

These are some of the most popular extension types. Boswell Builders near Billericay have done over the years. Multi-storey home extensions expand and adjoin two existing buildings, creating ample more space in-between.

● Porches

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit out on your very own porch in the evening, sipping a beverage? Well, Boswell Builders near Billericay does that, as well. Usually, a porch is a fairly simple building project that won’t drag you through tons of legalese with the local authorities, but will still provide you with some delightful extra space.

● Garage conversions

If you’re not getting much use from your existing garage, why not convert it into an addition to your home, and make it a viable living space? Often, a garage conversion can translate into an extra bedroom, a workout room, or a den for your favorite hobbies.

● Over-structures

Garages can also be great to build on top of. If you’ve got the space, and would like to expand it into more room in your home, an over-structure extension might be just the thing. It’s a fairly easy job, though it might require some reinforcement.

● Sunrooms

Looking for more light, either for your work, or your own personal enjoyment? Boswell Builders near Billericay can also build your very own sunroom, where you’d get plenty of sunlight, and all the great benefits it entails.

● Loft conversions

Boswell Builders Billericay can also repurpose and add more space to your existing structure through a loft conversion.

Boswell Builders will handle everything!

While some of the above require building licenses, and such, it’s not a reason to worry. Boswell Builders near Billericay will walk you through all the legalese, to make your home extension building as smooth as possible.

Call us on 01277 201217 for more information

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