Building Contractors in Shenfield

Boswell Builders is all about offering you that high-end, dedicated building experience. We offer professionalism, top notch materials and dedication, to see your projects become a reality. We’re a team of building contractors with over forty years of experience. In fact, many of our contractors and sub-contractors have been with us for 25+ years, so if you’re looking for building contractors in Shenfield, look no further.


Professional Building Contractors in Shenfield

We are a construction and building firm based in Essex, servicing the entire adjacent area. Boswell Builders has some of the best building contractors in Shenfield. With us, you’re hiring local builders, dedicated to making your construction into a sturdy, and glorious building.

We know that the first impression means a lot, which is why we put a lot of effort in building you a home or office you’ll be proud of. We also know that safety is a second impression that means, perhaps, even more. This is why our team of experienced builders and sub-contractors is focused chiefly on building secure, stable structures that are safe as houses, if you’ll excuse the pun.


What services do we offer?

Boswell Builders LTD offers a number of valuable constructing services to residents of the Essex area. Our team is at your disposal for:

  • Building Contractors in Shenfield – we are all well versed in the versatile, and ever-growing construction industry. Our team of professional building contractors in Shenfield will apply their vast knowledge of the field to your project, whether you need a house building gig, or a property extension.
  • Groundwork – Boswell Builders offers groundwork of any kind. We understand the importance of laying a solid foundation to your future home, which is why we also take care of the groundwork ourselves, since we feel this is the best way to insure top-quality work.
  • New House Building – so you’re building from scratch? Good for you! Our building contractors in Shenfield are eager to work with you, in order to design the home of your dreams. We will build gradually, making sure that your every need and desire is met in your new home.
  • Home Extensions – or maybe you just want to add a few rooms, a bigger kitchen, or that little bit extra that’s been missing from your home, and that you feel might complete it. We’ve got you covered, and we’ll work with you to design the new and improved version of your home.

Why Boswell Builders?

Wondering why you should choose Boswell Builders for your building needs? Well, we offer a number of benefits to our clients:

  • Professionalism;
  • 40 years of experience;
  • Top-quality building materials;
  • Free quote – wondering what your building project might cost? Shoot us a message, we’re glad to help!

At the end of the day, Boswell Builders is here to make sure you’re living in the home you want to be living in. It’s really that easy.


Who are we?

Boswell Builders LTD is an established building company in Essex. We are a family-owned business, with decades of experience, and some of the best building contractors in Shenfield, and the surrounding area. So give us a call today!